Beauty Smart Life Coach (1 Credit)

Christians often struggle with the theology and practice of physical beauty. The fact is that humans are created and gifted to be self-aware about this aspect of our existence. Christians make life-changing choices about how they “appear” to the world around them. A Beauty Smart Life Coach has studied the biblical Christian world and life view on this complicated subject.

Leah Darrow was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Leah learned that God is the one that creates beauty. She wrote a book called The Other Side of Beauty where she highlights her spiritual journey into finding real beauty.

Darrow sees how the world defines beauty, appealing especially to the young,

Young girls all over the world strive to be supermodels, all with the idea that the modeling lifestyle will be glamorous, beautiful, and lucrative, giving them a sense of independence and confidence. The reality is that this lifestyle, at its core, steals confidence. It says confidence is on shaky ground since it is dependent on how you look. It creates an atmosphere of dependence on the current cultural standard of beauty, pushing women to do anything and buy anything that helps them look, act, or be a certain way. Darrow, Leah. The Other Side of Beauty (pp. 6-7). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition. 

The Beauty Smart Coaching badge will explore a God glorifying understanding of beauty to share with others. You will also learn how to teach a Bible Study on physical beauty.

As an Ordained and Commissioned Life Coach Minister in this specialty, you will help people find their true beauty.

Being a Beauty Smart Life Coach is for those called to minister as:

  • A Children’s or Youth Minister
  • A Women’s Minister
  • A Small Group Leader
  • A Parent to adolescent children
  • A Home School Parent
  • A Christian Life Coach specializing in youth self-esteem or other related topics
  • A Women’s Conference Speaker

This exciting field of service will change the lives of many women who have settled for less than what God intends for them. Men will also benefit from this area as they are often socialized to objectify women.

Beauty Smart Coaching Badge Requirements:

Life Coach Minister Program (17 Credits) – All classes and requirements associated with the Ordained and Commissioned Life Coach Minister at Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance

Beauty Smart Coaching Badge (1 Credit) – The Appearance or Beauty Smart Coaching Badge means you know how to teach or how to coach in the area of beauty and appearance.