Being Educated as a Life Coach Minister

My name is Donovan Brooks. I was born in South Africa and come from a very conservative Christian upbringing. My early life was one of strict authority and religion. I found my family dynamic exceedingly difficult and challenging as a young man. When I graduated, I moved to the UK permanently, pursuing a career in Hospitality Management. England was my home for over 20 years.

Finding my way on my own was incredibly challenging but I knew the Lord was with me. I joined a local Baptist church. Through the study of the word in their Alpha course, I came to know less about religion and more about what it truly meant to have a relationship with the Lord. I was baptized into the faith on Easter Sunday 2013, accepting Jesus as my Savior and Lord.

The ministry calling on my heart has always been one of service. My degree in hospitality has allowed me to work on various platforms. I was blessed to serve not only in hotels but various non-profit organizations. I shared the gospel when opportunity presented itself. But I knew this was not enough.

Desiring Formal Education

My heart desired a formal training opportunity so that I can minister more effectively. In 2018, I relocated to USA. I am currently living in New York City, providing hospitality care and companionship for older adults in their own homes. Thank God for Christian Leaders Institute coming into my life at this point of my ministry journey, providing quality ministry training and support for free.

I have a sincere passion for serving the marginalized and isolated. I want to bring people hope. CLI is the right platform for me to become all that God has created me to be and to help others do the same. I am currently also volunteering part-time at the hospital, advocating for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Recently, I also became a volunteer mentor for Crossroads Prison Ministries. My spiritual dream is to be able to have the credentials to serve and minister to people who have experienced life changing trauma and to bring hope through the Gospel.

Leaning Into Life Coach Ministry

I am particularly drawn to Life Coach Ministry program. As a certified life coach minister I plan to offer coaching in the area of helping individuals restore their lives and equip them with the tools to have breakthroughs from defeating life patterns. Most of the clients profess to be Christians. I plan to use my coaching skills in my current vocation and to make life coaching ministry an area of conviction.

I am already helping my clients to manage their lives but with my life coach certification, I am now able to transform their lives by fully tapping into God’s will and purpose for their lives. This will enlarge their view of Christ and partnering with the Holy Spirit will help overcome obstacles with supernatural power rather than just willpower.

Volunteering as a mentor for a prison ministry, I plan to use my life coach ministry certification on this platform. It will provide me with additional experience outside my work. I will become an even better and experienced life coach minister. My plan is to pursue the deacon minister ordination class for the quality training and credibility that the ordination provides. I pray that with God’s help that this ministry will echo into eternity.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” — Jeremiah 29:11