My New Calling as a Certified Life Coach Minister

I would like to use my new skills as a Certified Life Coach Minister in my daily life. I have a personal story of His grace saving me (as can be read on my CLI profile), and I do acknowledge the most important element of my recovery as people guided and helped me. I also know that time is critical in the areas of self-development and the way that a person ultimately feels about themselves will have a direct influence on their future and well being. We all have experiences in our lives of fellow people that struggle to overcome, and I personally think that mentally it affects them as they cannot seem to get “ahead” in life.

I will be marketing my ad on social media and will also create YouTube videos to explain the meaning of Christian Life Coaching. This method will help greatly with time management so that prospective clients know exactly what to expect and how I can assist them.

I am thankful that I also will be listed on the Christian Leaders Institute Database because clients can check my Life Coach credentials because as a Life Coach, I will be dealing with their personal lives. I thank Christian Leaders Institute for my training in this field and that trust plays a very big part. I look forward to seeking God’s will in their lives. The process will be a humble experience and will assist with my walk with God immensely.

– Diane W.