Life Coach Minister Certification

Are you called to earn a life coach minister certification? Do you like to help people thrive in their lives and their relationship to God? Do you get satisfaction when others do well and you have a servant role in that process?

The goal of this Life Coach Minister Certification is to assure that you have the competencies in place to be effective as an Ordained and Certified Life Coach Minister. An Ordained and Certified Life Coach Minister is commissioned through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Cost of the Certification Class

The cost of the Certification Class is set at only $250 so that you might take the role as a volunteer, part-time, or career life coach minister. Other certification programs cost up to $6,000.

Life Coach Minister Certification is taken after you have completed 15 credits of ministry training and have become ordained as a Deacon Minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

You will then enroll in a Life Coach Minister Certification Class (1 Credit) This Cl

ass is designed to take the cognitive training you received in your ministry training classes and help you learn how to take the role as a life coach minister.  You will also master the ten characteristics of a Life Coach Minister.

Class Activities

  • Learn Life Coaching techniques through modeled role-playing presentations with Abby Reyenga, Rev. Henry Reyenga, and Rev. Steve Elzinga.
  • Pass a comprehensive Life Coaching Ministry Exam
  • Complete the Role Play Activity that will be evaluated
  • Update your profile as a Life Coach Minister.
  • One recommendation that you exhibit the ten characteristics of a Life Coach Minister

When you have paid for and completed this class, you will be a certified commissioned life coach minister through the Christian Leaders Alliance. You will be on the Christian Leaders Alliance minister directory so others can look up your credentials should they wish to inquire.

The Life Coaching Minister program has been designed to be affordable and accessible to as many Christian leaders as possible. While not easy, this commissioning will help give you certification as an Ordained and Commissioned Life Coach Minister.