Life Coach Minster Program

The Life Coach Minister program connects the advances of the life coaching field with the Christian worldview and local ministry leaders connection.

Christian Leaders, NFP (Ministries) brings a combination of resources and professors to the table for the training, ordaining and certifying of Life Coach Ministers.

The Partners in mobilizing Life Coach Ministers are:

Christian Leaders Institute – Christian Leaders Institute host the generosity-generated ministry training courses. Even the Life Coach Ministry (3 credits) can be taken free of charge after someone takes the Getting Started Connection Class.

Christian Leaders Alliance – The Christian Leaders Alliance is the ecclesiastical arm of the Christian Leaders Ministries. All ordinations and certification occur through this organization. The Christian Leaders Alliance guides future life coaches through the ordination and certification process.

Life Coach Ministers with the Christian Leaders Alliance  must complete the following:

  • Ministry training courses,
  • Ordination process including three recommendations. You must be ordained as a deacon minister (Cost: $125).
  • Six-month practicum class with a cohort supervised by a Master Trainer. (Cost: $1,000)

The Role of the Life Coach Minister

After you have completed your training and are certified, you are now considered an ordained and Certified Life Coach Minister through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

You will be able to:

  • Be an ordained life coaching minister at your local church. You are ordained and certified for a volunteer, part-time or full-time position in life Coaching.
  • Start a Life Coaching practice as an ordained minister certified to do life coaching.
  • Depending on your training, you will be able to hold teaching classes st your local church, in small groups or counseling settings.

Life Coach Minister Program Ministry Fit

Why is this program right for you if you are a called ministry leader?

  1. Others have commended you through Ordination

As an ordained leader that has received three recommendations, you present yourself to your community as commended by others. Recommendations are important. Ordination also communicates that you have a sacred trust with God as a minister life coach.

2. Life coach training is designed from a Christian Ministry worldview.

Professor Steve Elzinga trains you in a free three-credit course allow you to dig deep in the cognitive content of life coaching teaching. He brings into this class the mentorship training of Rich DeVos. Plus he leverages his 40 years as a church planter and professor at Christian Leaders Institute.

3. Christian Leaders Institute offers 71 total awards.  These awards give you life coaching ministry expertise. Let’s say, you want to offer Life coaching in People smart.

You will learn the principles of life Coaching in the Minister Life Coaching Class. You will be certified and ordained to be a life coach minister.

After you complete the people smart awards, you will be able to put on the teaching hat that will help your clients or parishioners become even successful in their goals or dreams.

This way you will be able to wear a life coach hat, but also a teaching hat should you find that this is needed.