Become a Life Coach Minister

Wow! Life Coaching is a THING! Life Coaching Press writes,

There’s never been a better time to become a life coach.

We all know the life coaching industry has been growing, but it’s reaching heights only dreamed of when it was an obscure movement in the 1980’s. Life coaching is officially mainstream, heading for superstardom. Source

This is a rising trend in the general population. What about in the world of ministry? Life Coach certification programs are costly and often outside the reach of ministry leaders?

Christian Leaders Ministries has launched the Life Coach Minister certification program utilizing the resources of the Christian Leaders Institute and the Christian Leaders Alliance.

If you are ministry-minded this ordained life coach minister opportunity may be right for you?

Are you called to become a Life Coach Minister?

  • Study to become a Life Coach Minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance
  • Support people in their next steps. Steps which could include a calling, a dream, a goal, a spiritual awakening, and more
  • Bring a biblical Christian perspective and philosophy to decision making
  • Bring tools and expertise to help others in their decision making
  • Start or conduct action-oriented small groups or Bible studies in your local church
  • Serve as an ordained minister in your community
  • Become a coaching specialist in specific areas

Who is this for?

Volunteer Life Coach Ministers

You simply want to help people. You know you need training and certification, and you are looking for a low-cost, high impact program of study and credentialing.

Part-Time Life Coach Ministers

You may start as a volunteer Life Coach Minister, but you need to support some of the living expenses of your life. This low-cost program of study and credentialing may be right for you.

Career Life Coach Ministers

You want to make this your vocational calling, but do not want to go in debt paying for the high cost of traditional ministry training or Life Coach certification. The Christian Leaders Ministries family might be perfect for you.  These ministries include Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders College, Christian Leaders Alliance, and this site.

What are the Steps to Become a Life Coach Minister?

Step 1: Ministry Training

Complete 15 credits of free formal Ministry training including the Life Coach Ministry course with the Christian Leaders Institute. You will begin with a getting started connection class at Christian Leaders Institute. This class opens up the formal ministry training that will take you places in ministry.

Step 2: Life Coach Certification

Complete the Life Coach Minister Cerifticaton Process at Christian Leaders Institute and receive your first Commission Badge.

Addon Options:

Licensed or Ordination Minister Status

Complete your globally-recognized local licensed or ordination program with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Specialization Commission Badges

Complete additional certifications that specialize your life coach ministry. More specialization badges are being made available.