Be a Christian Life Coach

Becoming a Licensed Life Coach Minister has helped me to be able to serve individuals and assist them in doing what they want to do for Christ and God’s kingdom. I became interested in becoming a Licensed Life Coach Minister in 2017, during a personal crisis. I found myself being called to ministry and in doing so, I found hope in Christ through grace.

My spiritual journey started with submitting my body, mind and spirit to God daily. I dove deeper into prayer, fasting, and His word. After enrolling as a ministry student, I had new expectations. I began to understand that this was the answer to the call that God had placed on my life from five years of age.

This program encouraged me to do more training at Christian Leaders Institute. After a few courses I looked for a ministry that would suit my natural precepts. I hoped it would give me the opportunity to serve my church family and share discipleship training with new believers.

The Goal to Share the Gospel

My goal is to share the gospel of Christ as a credentialed Life Coach Minister. The free ministry training I received as a minister has set me on a journey of exploration and growing in my faith. I’m becoming more aware of how deep I can go, when I continue to study philosophy and world history.

I continue to grow and learn at my own pace, yet never go into debt like so many students of other institutions have. Unlike those places, learning is unlimited with the help of Christian Leaders Institute. What a privilege it is to know that a small financial commitment as a partner with CLI. Now I pay it forward so that someone else can find their calling and fulfill it.

My experience has been greatly rewarding and this kind of journey is highly recommended to anyone considering taking steps toward the opportunity that Christian Leaders Institute provides. As you pray and ask God which path you should take to find your ministry, may you find hope in Christ for your bright future. God bless you on you journey.