Life Coach Minister Training

The Life Coach Minister training required classes include over 18 college-level credits of ministry training. This ministry training covers the essentials you will need to have the cognitive teachings that lay a foundation for being a Life Coach Minister.

Christian Leaders Institute offers this training free of charge in a generosity-driven model of higher education that allows anyone with an internet connection to take over 200 credit hours of instruction and receive novice, basic, intermediate and advanced awards in ministry and enterprise training.

The Life Coach minister certification requires completion of fifteen hours of Christian Leaders Institute classes.

Christian Leaders Institute Required Classes

Getting Started Christian Leaders Connection (3 Credits)

Everyone who starts at Christian Leaders Institute begins by taking the Christian Leaders Connection Class. This class gives you an orientation to Christian Leaders Ministries, which includes the Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders Alliance, Christian Leaders College, and the Life Coach Minister program.

This class also explores your calling into volunteer, part-time, or full-time ministry. You will also learn about many introductory ministry issues that will give you a good start toward your life coach ministry calling.

Christian Basics (3 Credits)

The Christian Basics class surveys the basic doctrines of Christianity. Dr. Ed Roels wrote a Christian Basics textbook that is the gold standard for learning the key teachings of Christianity. If you already know the basics, there is a comprehensive test that will give you the three credits after you pass it.

Ministry 101 (3 Credits)

The Ministry 101 course surveys the essential issues of ministry leadership. This class includes instruction from Dr. Bruce Ballast, Dr. Ron Carter and Rev. Steve Elzinga. This class features key leadership essentiThis class explores God’s Word in the New Testament, paying particular attention to literary, historical, and theological dimensions.als that the DeVos Urban Youth Leadership Initiative has discovered.

This is a class that will set you up for success as an Ordained and Commissioned Life Coach Minister.

New Testament Survey (3 Credits)

This class explores God’s Word in the New Testament, paying particular attention to literary, historical, and theological dimensions.

People Smart for Ministry (3 Credits)

The People Smart for Ministry class is essential for becoming a life coach minister. Life Coaching is a people activity. This three-credit class goes through the essentials of people intelligence from a Biblical perspective. Every minister and every life coach will benefit greatly from this class.

Life Coaching Ministry (3 Credits)

The Life Coaching Ministry Class is a three-credit college class that is tailor-made for the life coach minister. This class brings life coach teaching and practice and connects it with the work of a minister. This exciting class will help you serve individuals, clients, small groups, or larger groups with your life coaching ministry.