Peace Smart Life Coach

Many people are seeking to resolve conflicts. However, often this does not restore the relationships. Seeking to resolve conflict is highly valuable. Taking it a step further to be Peace Smart and bring peace into a wounded relationship not only restores broken relationships but builds a brighter future for everyone!

The Peace Smart Coaching Badge allows you to coach or empower people in their peacemaking skills. You will learn how to help people make peace in their relationships.

Matthew 5:9     Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

James 3:18 Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.

Peace Smart Coaching Badge Requirements

PeaceSmart Relationships (3 Credits) – PeaceSmart Relationships teaches students how to bring biblical peace culture to every relationship in their lives. Professor Brian De Cook practiced law for over 25 years. In this practice, he saw how many families, churches, and businesses suffered greatly because of conflict. This in-depth course will help you thrive as an ordained life coach minister.

Peace Smart Coaching Badge (1 Credit) – The Peace Smart badge means that you understand how the role of coaching is different from the role of teaching especially as it relates to bringing peace. This class explores those differences and develops your skills as a Peace Smart coach.


  1. Coach others to discern and pursue God’s purpose in situations of conflict.
  2. Coach others to discern and avoid harmful reactions to conflict.
  3. Coach others to understand and use God’s reconciling power through loving confrontation, confession, and forgiveness.
  4. Coach others to seek God’s presence in conflict through humility, faith, love, and sacrifice.
  5. Coach others to learn to apply Peace Smart principles in families, organizations, and evangelism.

This program is intending to help you be able to coach others to be effective in resolving conflict and seeking peace. This Peace Smart Coaching badge will make you an agent of peace!