The Christian Leaders Institute board met on November 15, 2018. This Life Coach Minister program was approved for launching with a target date of June 1, 2019. Not all features of the program will be available on June 1, 2019.

Are you called to be a Life Coach Minister? A Life Coach Minister leverages ministry and life coach training from Christian Leaders Institute that equips a Christian Leader to coach someone from a biblical perspective. A Life Coach Minister is an ordained ministry role with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

A Life Coach Minister is a Christian Leader who is called to:

  • support people in their next steps. These steps could include a calling, a dream, a goal, a spiritual awakening and more.
  • to bring a biblically Christian perspective and philosophy to decision making.
  • to bring tools or expertise to the one receiving coaching.
  • to serve as an ordained minister to the individual or group he or she is serving.

How can we help you become a Life Coach Minister?


A life Coach Minister needs training. Many Life Coaching programs offer only a few classes in a life coaching process. We can help you gain extensive knowledge in your Life Coaching area. You will have access to over 180 credits of biblical, theological, ministry, leadership, enterprise and life coaching classes. These educational tools are beamed to your smartphone, tablet or computer. The classes are free and brought to each student in a generosity-driven model of Christian higher education. You can start a free getting started scholar class that gives you immediate access to the credentials you need to be a Life Coach Minister.

There are many programs that will be offered throughout 2019. Check out some of the proposed programss, click here. 


A Life Coach Minister needs credibility. Most life coaching programs do not require a certification process that includes three recommendations and relational support. The bringing of the Christian Leaders Alliance ordination process brings even more credibility.

Throughout history, Christianity has counted on ordination as an indicator that the “minister” has the respect of other Christian Leaders. The ordained minister has been prayed over by other Christian Leaders and is commissioned to the important work of Life Coach Minister.


A Life Coach Minister is part of thousands of other Christian Leaders who have been trained and ordained through Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance. As a Life Coach Minister, you will have a connection with others on the ministry training path through different opportunities that are connected to you. For instance, if you are interested in becoming a Restorative Justice Life Coach Minister, you are able to connect to the ministry dialogue of Ignite Restoration. More sites and resources are at your disposal as this program rolls out.

How do you begin your training as a Life Coach Minister? Just enroll at Christian Leaders Institute now.