Ministry Training Links

Life Coach Minister is excited to develop resources for the mobilization of life Coach Ministers. These resources will include links, blogs, and other tools that will help raise up more life coach ministers.

Important Christian Leaders Ministries Links:

Christian Leaders Ministries was founded in 2001 as Christian Leaders,NFP. Christian Leaders Ministries is called to bring revival everywhere through a family of ministries and websites.

Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute develops free generosity-driven ministry training and digital awards for the raising up more Christian Leaders. The Headquarters is located in Spring Lake, Michigan.

Christian Leaders Alliance

Christian Leaders Alliance raise up Christian Leaders who are ordained locally and recognized globally. Increasingly, an ordination structure is developing for the development of a worldwide movement of mobilized ordained ministers. The Headquarters is located in Clearwater, Florida.

Christian Leaders College

Christian Leaders College utilizes the high-quality college level classes from Christian Leaders Institute and applies collegiate standards to those who need and want collegiate credentials including certificate, diplomas and degrees. The Christian Leaders College physical location is in Clearwater, Florida.

This college opportunity brings you a low cost internet option. For instance, you can earn your bachelor degree from Christian Leaders College and receive you MBA from Ohio Christian University for under $25,000. Click here to see more details. 

New Life Card

The New Life Card is a program headed up by Brian DeCook. This program helps returning citizen find meaningful and productive lives after incarceration.

Preaching Acts

The Preaching Acts blog features Dr. Bruce Baalast as he explores various preaching topics.

Philosophy Blog

The Philosophy blog features our resident professor Dr. Roy Clouser. Roy has created a Christian Philosophy class with Christian Leaders Institute.