The Beautiful Gift of Being a Christian Leader

Being a Christian Leader is the most beautiful gift. Some days can be the strongest burden you will carry. Interceding for someone and helping them to learn to trust God and seek His word for direction is a blessing that should not be taken lightly.

My name is Karen Lackey and I am from North Carolina. My childhood was not a good story. I did learn that through sharing my experiences and heartache, it loosened the bonds the devil tried to use. The enemy attempted to hold back generation after generation in my family. Our family was “spiritual” but not in the way they should be. We went through the motions. Claiming Jesus’ name is not all there is to it.  I truly learned of God’s love for me when He saved my soul at a children’s home in South Mountain. We had a pastor and his family work closely with us children and they made a huge impact on my spirit.

Spiritual Dream of Leadership

My spiritual dream is to life coach or lead others in a Christian atmosphere. My hope is those I work with will acquire the tools handed to us from God himself. I face obstacles of maturity in the fact that I want to hurry and have everything in place now. I  experienced many trials and times of being abandoned by those around me.  God has used these times to show me that He is truly sustaining my life.

God became real to me years ago as a child growing up with an abusive father. Scared and crying, I would sing the only song I could remember about God- Jesus Loves Me. Jesus truly was my comfort and gave me a knowledge in my spirit that He was there with me no matter what was happening to me or around me. The abuse was discovered and we were taken from our home. We spent time in multiple foster homes, children’s home, and our aunt’s home.

Affordable Christian Life Coaching Classes

God truly reached out to me at the age of 13. I was living in uncertainty. Being in church at the children’s home, I knew I needed to give my life to him. I hope my experiences and the training I have obtained here at Christian Leaders Institute will launch me into a busy season of listening, guiding, and sharing how to study God’s word. It will allow me to handle the toughest situations for all those around me.

I pray God blesses my spiritual dream. I want those I work with to tell others. Hopefully the gift of sharing God just grows and grows. The Life Coach Minister Program is best for me. I want to help others step into a future that is based in God. His Word will inspire those I work with.