Calling to a Life Coach Ministry

Where is God leading you? My name is Edward Nelson. I grew up in a small town in Minnesota. I feel a calling to a life coach ministry. I attended Catholic schools as a child and religion was an everyday event for us. We had religion classes and attended Mass two to three times a week. At that stage in my life church seemed to be a requirement and not a desire. In adult life I felt that church became repetitious and offered very little. I saw a huge leap in my spiritual growth when I started attending charismatic events and eventually found a charismatic church. I began attending services because I wanted to, not because it was an obligation. It was then that I realized that church was the people and not the building.

Following My Spiritual Dream

My dream is to retire from my current career and allow Jesus to use me as He sees fit for His Kingdom. At an early age I pictured myself doing mission work but never pursued it. Now that I am at a turning point in my life, I know I can support my dream of mission work. I began studying at Christian Leaders Institute for personal growth and for the credentials to back my mission.

Through the coursework I was introduced to Life Coach Ministry. This course opened my eyes to a new ministry that I could pursue. I was already involved in peer support and this course teaches me how to invite the Lord into supporting others.

My spiritual dream is to marry my love for teaching scuba and sailing into a ministry. I’d like to teach children these sports, show them the wonders of His creation, and share the story of salvation. I also look at this ministry as an opportunity to take others on mission trips, sailing, scuba diving and spending time with God’s people.