Christian Life Coaching Strengthens Faith Journey

My name is Selina Kuchocha. I am married with five children. I am originally from Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa in 2010. When I was in high school in Scripture Union, I became born again.  However, because of being immature and wanting to fit in with friends, I did not grow in my faith. It was not seen as cool to be a believer.

I was reading the Word and would pray alone but was not strong in my walk with Christ. God was still faithful to me even in my weaknesses. He would answer all my prayers and take care of all my worries. In fact, even when I was at my junior school, I learned to pray. God answered my prayers which itself is a miracle to me.

Rededicating and Refocusing

After I had my eldest daughter I rededicated my life to Christ. That is when my faith journey really began. I had to be baptized with water and the Holy Spirit. From then on, I did not look back. I would spend time in the Word and prayer, and witnessed God’s power in a great way.

I remember in the year 2000 I went into a month of fasting and prayer alone. The presence of God was so strong. During that time I had been diagnosed with hypertension and was taking medication. After I was healed I stopped taking the medication. I was also delivered from fear and anxiety. I faced many other challenges but was very strong and courageous. There were many breakthroughs.

I moved from Zimbabwe to Richard Bay, South Africa, which was a small town. My family and I were planted in a new church. We later moved to Johannesburg. We, however, remained in the church we were planted in Richards Bay since we were now established.

Advantage of Christian Life Coaching

It has always been my desire to go to a Bible school but could not do it due to prevailing circumstances. I resorted to searching for free online Bible classes.  In 2019, God led me to Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) for which I am grateful. In 2017 I published my first book ‘Partnering with God‘ which is available on Amazon.

My intention was to write a second book but thought it would best to first take Bible courses to enhance writing. When I looked through CLI courses I took interest in Christian Life Coaching. I am a home cell leader and sometimes members come for counselling.

Going through this course made me reconsider coaching rather than counseling. The advantage of Christian life coaching is that it relieves me of a burden of giving advice which is sometimes misinterpreted. My role would be to ask relevant questions and help the client to formulate their own strategies to resolve their problem. I will then walk them through the process while motivating them. This avoids dependency and instead, the client will learn new life skills which is what we want. This course has also equipped me to relate with my children better and to motivate them. My vision is to establish online Christian coaching.