Demand Grows for Life Coaches

Life coaching is in more demand than ever. I plan to use my Ordained Christian Life Coach Minister Certification by integrating in with my other ministry goals. One of the first things I will try to do is to talk to the leaders at my church that I go to and see if they will allow me to work out of the church. I hope to use the idea of offering free Christian Life Coaching to the congregation. An even better way for this to work may be to ask for a donation to the church in exchange for their life coaching sessions.

Another thing I’ll be doing is setting up on my online ministry site showing that I am an Ordained Christian Life Coach Minister. Services can be obtained through the site. This might even include doing volunteer Christian Life Coaching in the community. At the moment, these are the ideas I’m contemplating.

My Goals as  Life Coach

I really believe this certification will truly help me in the ministry. I hope to set up house churches and house church networks here in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. Of course more in-depth planning will occur but ideas are the best start.  Right now I’m still trying to put this all together while continuing my studies at Christian Leaders Institute. I continue to work toward earning my Minister of the Word Ordination.

I pray always for God’s guidance in what I should do on moving forward in ministry. By starting online I will move forward from there. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance I will be able to integrate Christian Life Coaching into my ministry plans.