There are certain characteristics that are present in the lives of certified Life Coach Ministers. Master Life Coach Minister Professor Steve Elzinga outlines these characteristics in his talk the Ten Characteristics of a Life Coach Minister.

For those interested in the Life Coach Minister certification with Christian Leaders Ministries, these characteristics are essential! While each person may have these characteristics in various portions, each life coach minister must possess them in functional capacity.

Life Coach Minister Characteristics Survey

These questions are written for Life Coach Minister candidates. They will bring them to someone they know to get an independent perspective as they evaluate whether they possess the Life Coach Minister Characteristics.

  1. Do you see in me that I have a healthy walk with God? Do you notice that the Word of God has a central role in my life? Do you notice that prayer is important to me?
  2. Do you see me growing in patience so that I can listen to the client and not insert my opinions in the life coaching relationship? Do you see me growing in patience?
  3. Do you see me as humble enough to trust a process of dialogue where I will hold back my own opinions and let the client have a voice to truly figure things out with my guidance? Do I want the stage too much or do I want to create a stage for my client to solve the problem?
  4. Do you see me growing as a listener? On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent, where do you think I currently number?
  5. Do you see me as someone who asks questions? Do you see that I engage in asking questions of others?
  6. Do you see me as a cheerleader for others to do well? Do you detect in me jealous or envy when others do well?
  7. Do you see me as persistent? Do you see that I want to stick with it to help others? Do you see that I have a never give up attitude?
  8. Do you see that I am a curious explorer that desires to help others find the creativity that will bring them their dreams or solve their problems? Do I give off the “you can do it” attitude?
  9. Do you see me as a learner? Do you see me as someone who wants to grow in more know-how? Do I come off to you as one who wants to become more and more competent?
  10. Do you see me growing in being people smart? Am I bringing a blessing to relationships?

There are of course many more characteristics that could be talked about in reference to being a life coach minister. These essentials will help a new life coach minister get started on a path of service and confidence as they pursue being a Life Coach.