Personal Growth Through Life Coaching

My name is Ally Beth Schindelholz. I am a community chaplain and coach. I continue to develop in ways I didn’t anticipate through my ministerial Christian Leaders Institute  journey. This journey has been peppered with grit. For life in general one has to pan for gold. We look for gold in people and the experiences sent our way. I do not consider myself more worthy to work for the Lord than anyone else. I am achieving personal growth through life coaching.

But he knows I look for him in the everyday issues of life. I look for his unmerited favor that he rewards to his brave hearts. As Christians, we are called to not only have the faith but live it! Often God turns up like the Japanese Car Industry (JIT) – just in time. We have to hold our nerve.

Without the necessary skills, this world can be a cold and distressing place. The UK faces many unhoused individuals with multiple complex needs. They go through revolving doors of drug, drink, and addiction. We have services but they are not joined up. They will be put on the map. I also push anyone who engages with me to open Altogether different Torbay. I encourage creative preparation for work training through empowerment and coaching methods.

My Life Coaching Training

The training I have received at Christian Leaders Institute has been second to none. The classes equipped me to dream big and put my skills to action. I encourage the equipped to join my efforts. The goal is to enable those who can, to ask for the building we need in Torquay. My education honed and polished my coaching skills.

No one person regardless of their resources could bring this project to fruition. I envisage it will take a dedicated professional team to set up. Autumn is quickly approaching so establishing the space in a timely manner, is of the greatest importance. My heightened awareness opportunities are due to the new coaching skills I have received through Professor Steve Elzinga and his talented team. They are mentors of faith in action. Authentic and practical are the support team. Feedback is prompt and proactive. I have great confidence in this quality education.

Ally Beth Schindelholz, Community Chaplain & Coach