The Call to Be a Life Coach

The call to be a life coach is a strong one! Do you feel a similar call? Greetings in the name of Christ, who was, is, and is to come. That One was given out of love so that as we who believe in Him gain access to eternal life and defeat the sting of death. My name is Brother Kelvin Pendleton, I am a husband and father of two children. I live in Georgia on the east coast of the United States, but I’m originally from Florida. My journey did not begin with a childhood where I grew up in the church, yet the yearning was there. Sometimes there was a challenge going to church because while my mother wanted to go, my father did not. What he said was how we lived.

However, after he had a change of heart and rededicated his life to God through Jesus Christ, it opened the door for us to attend as a family. The challenge came in the fact that I was a quiet and shy. My parents answered the call to prison ministry, but I was too young to go with them. Hence, I would have to attend a church with a large congregation alone, which led to me not going at all.

Answering the Call

I would later in life hear the call while in a rather interesting relationship. I had a choice: secure a relationship with the love of my life or follow the voice calling me into the church. It was a choice because she did not hear the call and did not want to go. I remember praying about it and shortly after, my sister-in-law invited me to attend a special event at the church she and my brother attended. Reluctantly I went but felt at home. I would visit here and there until one night I had a dream.

I remember dropping someone off at a building in this dream and was in an underground parking garage. There was a small window on the entrance door and I got out and peered through it.  To my delight, it was a room filled with arcade games. I went in to see that it was all my favorites. I played a couple but had to go back to my car to get more money to be able to continue playing. As I walked towards the room door, I heard a loud, deep voice call my name, “Kelvin!”

I looked around the room and didn’t see anyone. I continued to walk and every time I took a step, I would hear it again; “Kelvin!” I finally stopped and walked towards the sound. I listened to the voice. A fog or cloud appeared in the room and would travel from right to left. As it moved, the pastor of the church and his wife appeared. Then, one by one the ministers and deacons began to appear. I walked towards the pastor and as he extended his hand, I grabbed his hand. As I shook his hand, I woke up from the dream and knew what I had to do.

Transformation of My Mind and Ministry

I was baptized so I joined while attending on Mother’s Day. I went home and gave that as a gift to my mother, who had been praying for me the whole time. My girlfriend didn’t want to go, so I broke off the relationship. I had made my choice. God became real when I was no longer playing games. I put a more significant effort into living what I read in the Bible.

While I first joined a church and accepted Christ in my youth, it wasn’t until early adulthood that I experienced the transformation and renewing of our minds. My spiritual growth began to elevate quickly. The pastor took me under his wing. Before I knew it, I was helping with the clerical staff and then the pastor asked me to be trained as a Deacon.

I joined a few ministries including the male choir, became a Boy Scout leader, and helped develop an adult education center where we gave free GED training to the community. During a family and friends’ banquet, it became clear what God truly wanted from me when the pastor asked me to deliver a few words about family. I prayed because I didn’t know what to do or say and I tried to find something poetic to write.

Before I knew it, I had about eight pages of notes. My attempt to deliver a poem transformed into an effort to provide a sermon. I thought back to how I would sit and watch the pastor and other ministers, and hear a voice telling me to prepare to do the same. My response was always, “I am too quiet to do that. I can’t see myself doing that.”

My pastor called me up on New Year’s Day and allowed me to deliver a message God had given me as we transitioned into the year 2000. As I sat in my pastor’s office with his wife after service in a daze, his wife said to me, “I knew this day was coming. I saw it from the first time you came to this ministry that you would minister the Word of God.” I made a formal request to become a minister that night and began a journey of 26 years of service in various aspects of ministry.

The Journey Continues

In that journey, I obtained an associate degree in Music and Video Business Management, a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, and several diplomas, including Christian Counseling and Christian Life Coaching. I was licensed as a minister in 2000 and ordained as an Apostle in 2002. In addition to being a minister, I am also a certified Life Coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors. Also, I am currently enrolled in a master’s program for Psychology, concentrating on Clinical Counseling.

If I am already in a master’s program, one may ask why I would start over in an undergraduate program? Christian Leaders Institute offers an opportunity to provide more training, experience, and credentials to align with what God has given me to do in ministry. It also prepares me to have credentials should a path open for me to take the role to serve as a pastor.  I will be ready from experience as well as training.

One valuable lesson I have learned from experience, mentorship, and scripture is always to be prepared. I count the cost. Consider what it takes to build and obtain the resources for what needs to be built. Wait for the ribbon-cutting to begin to execute the plan God has given me to do.

Becoming a Part of Christian Leaders

For as long as I can remember my spiritual dream has been to “Seek that one until I meet the One.”  I will continue to seek that one person that I will help be their best in their relationship with God. What I tell myself is I’ve never met that person yet. Even if I have helped 10,000 people, I continue to seek that one.

To prepare me to help others, I am constantly learning and cultivating my relationship with God. This mentality continues because I will never be close enough until I am before Him in Heaven, Spirit to spirit. Thus, I continue seeking that one until I meet the One.

While taking advantage of free training, I decided to become a vision partner and pursue entrance into the college. Little did I know that in doing so, I would also qualify to become licensed and ordained with Christian Leaders Institute as well. I figured, why not? While waiting to complete enrollment into the college, I pursued a few credentials with the Alliance. So far I have obtained the Deacon Minister and Officiant Minister Ordination. It will give more credibility to my experience by showing my commitment to learning.

I have also obtained the Licensed Chaplain Minister recognition and feel that it will prepare me for the day I become a pastor.  I can have a broad impact on the members of the church and the community. Although I am already a board-certified life coach, I decided to obtain credentials as a life coach with the Christian Leaders Alliance. It has taught me the value of integrating coaching with discipleship and other church ministry functions. I look forward to putting it to good use.

Please continue to pray for my journey and for all open doors God has for me. I thank God for all of those who have answered the call to make this happen. They will be in prayer that God continues to prosper the ministry on its journey to full accreditation. I leave you with my quote, “Of all the accomplishments I’ve made and of all the titles I have obtained, the title I cherish is being your brother.”