Investing in Others Through Life Coaching

Are you investing in the people around you? Investing in individuals and their destiny is one of the greatest investments in humanity. I believe Christian Leaders Institute and their partners have done this for me. The training I have received has been right for me. It inspired confidence to pursue my spiritual dream and see the hand of God at work in my life.

I live in Jamaica, which has the most churches per square mile. That definitely has its challenges. This beautiful nation has made remarkable contributions to tourism, sports, music and culture. The nation continues to battle a high homicide rate and low economic growth.

The average Jamaican is exposed to some form of church experience. Church is a major feature in our culture. There is a growing lack of interest in church and spiritual expressions in the younger generation. This is even occurring in some of the older population. Many turn away from Christianity in their late teens and early twenties. Consequently, the reawakening and revival of the church in Jamaica is a cry on the heart and lips of many Christian leaders. There is a strong sense that God wants to create a significant move of the gospel. Jamaica would see its impact and influence moving beyond its shores.

Three Components of Ministry

With the strong Christian emphasis in Jamaica, I grew up in church. At the age of ten I accepted Christ and publicly declared my faith with baptism.  Since then I have felt a call to Christian leadership. I sensed a call to equip the saints for service and raise up Christian leaders. My goal is to affect the nation both locally and overseas. I dream of seeing true revival come to Jamaica that will spread to the entire Caribbean and impact many unreached people groups all over the world through missions.

There are three components of ministry that I want to be involved in: 1) The preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ; 2) discipleship and raising up leaders; and 3) caring for people through humanitarian efforts. My heart burns with passion to see the message of the kingdom of God transforming people groups in both Jamaica and elsewhere. I have been serving the kingdom in leadership positions in my local church and other para-church organizations and global alliance fellowships.

While growing up in church, one of the greatest challenges I faced was a lack of purpose and direction. I did not feel strongly enough about anything to give it my best efforts. This was due to a lack of identity that caused me to live way below my potentials until Jesus gave me purpose and direction. This came after failing most of my high school exit exams and being presented with great uncertainty about my future.

A Season of Pursuit

This was when I realized that I must get closer to Jesus for hope and purpose in my life. At this time I entered a season of pursuit for God which continues to today. My pursuit of a life dedicated to serving God and the related strong sense of God’s call on my life has seen me moving from bi-vocation to full-time ministry.

Christian Leaders Institute has been a tremendous blessing on this journey with both ministry and entrepreneurial courses relevant to my journey and developmental needs. Some of the most valuable skillsets include training in life coaching and how to help persons achieve more in their personal lives. Those who have worked with me in both non-ministry and ministry contexts have testified of my gifting to help them have greater insights about how to achieve their goals and ambitions. Life coach training has really mined these skillsets for greater effectiveness. I have also taken an additional steps to become a Certified Life Coach Minister.

While being involved at varying levels of ministry and leadership before CLI, I did not formally attended seminary. “I bless God for the ministry training and the structured knowledge at CLI.” (“Ordained Minister Journey – Christian Leaders Alliance.”) This gave me confidence in operating and helped me to evaluate my current activities against biblical standards and trusted Christian leadership outside my local church. I further enlisted in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory as another element of accountability and credibility in my ministry journey. These experiences have greatly assisted in helping me understand how to reproduce leaders.

Pray that God will give me wisdom on how to carry out ministry and boldly say like Apostle Paul, follow me as I follow Christ.