Aspiring to Be a Life Coach

We all have some type of battle or war that we are fighting, whether that battle is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or financial. The are obstacles just the same. Whether those obstacles look like addiction, lack of love, abuse or pain, keep on fighting Pray without ceasing. Keep on pressing.

Let’s face it, we all need help sometimes. We all need to know that there is someone who understands what we are going through. God is, was, and forever shall be that someone to me. He showed me what it meant to cry out for help and to receive it on levels and measures abounding. He was, is, and forever shall be my Everything.

My Journey’s Beginning

My Name is Alma, a native of Louisiana but I reside in Arizona. I am the mother of five beautiful children to whom I gave life. I am the adopted mom to other young people I call my own.  Life’s lessons and losses drew me to God early on in my life. When I was three months old, my mother died of double pneumonia. My father wasn’t able to be fully present in my life due to his past emotional problems and issues. I was a very sick child for the first year of my life. That time was spent in the intensive care at Charity Hospital. I contracted double pneumonia from my mother when I was born. She passed three months after giving me life. The memory of her love still rests with me as I grow and journey through this thing called life.

As a child, my life was both difficult to stomach and painful to digest. I was molested. I was mentally, physically, and emotionally abused as a child. Figuring out where I came from was very confusing.  For instance, there was a lot of secrecy surrounding who my mother was as a person. I wondered who she truly was and what her relationship was like with the rest of the family. My father had little to no words at all when it came to his side of our family. When it came down to the subject of his mother and siblings, he always said that he didn’t want to talk about it. Without an understanding of where I came from, it made it hard to see fully where I was headed and even harder when you add the abuse and molestation.

Learning Tough Lessons

As a result of all this, I tried to find love in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways. I couldn’t understand my future, was hurt by my present, and lost by my past. By the time I was 13 years of age, I had already tried killing myself 3 times. I didn’t want to be here but God wouldn’t let me leave no matter how hard I tried.  At the age of 14, I gave birth to my first child, a girl. She changed my life. She gave me a newfound reason to live, fight, and keep going. Her birth alone was not enough. I needed more.

I needed a family and to belong. Love and someone to guide me were things I desperately needed. I was afraid to tell anyone what had happened to me. God remained on my side the whole duration of it all. He never left me. He strengthened and encouraged me. His help got me to the next level in Him and in life.

Battle after battle, I found myself on my face praying and praising God. He would do just what He promised. I needed help immediately. In my mind, I was beyond a place of just hoping it would get better. I needed it to get better and I was willing to do whatever God needed me to do to make it happen.  God let me cry out from the depths and made me whole. He set me free by His Gracious Love. Where I was in my life required only God.  God gave me a chance to see, know, and experience Him. For this, I shall forever be grateful and thankful.

God Sees Us

He saw me broken and loved me through it. He loved me through my fears and loneliness.  The best description for my circumstances is “Spiritual Warfare.” For example, that is what I was engaged in and remained engaged in prayer. Prayer was, is and forever shall be a big part of my plan for action and redemption.

I know of and knew no better way to fight the war that I was in. I turned my battles over to the Master and let Him have His way. My way of doing things was not working. I was tired, lonely, sad, and broken. But I was also happy, cheerful, and joyful. I was all over the place. Deep in thought, questioning and worry, I desperately needed God’s redeeming love and power.

Life has presented many trials and tribulations and even though I have come this far, it was not on my own merits. I did not get to where I am by my own doing. It was by the wonder working power of God that I remain here today.

Joy in Helping Others

I have always had a knack and burning desire to encourage and uplift others. My joy is found when I help others know and seek God. One day I researched the internet for a Christian organization or institution that would help me to progress in my Christian walk and ministry. I found Christian Leaders Institute. I had researched several organizations prior to finding Christian Leaders Institute but none compared to Christian Leaders Institute. From the very first day and course, the challenge has made me better.

Through my years of studying, praying, fasting, and growing, God taught me many valuable things. These things help me get better and blessed.  It was not easy, but it was truly worth it. As you know, I am worth the effort and so are you.

With the assistance from Christian Leaders Institute, I would love to help you get to that place in life. God has given me a fail-proof method to take you from glory to glory and season to season. He will give you favor abounding along the route.

As your Commissioned Christian Life Coach, you will be so much better for the time that we spend together and the time that God allows you to see your worth. Remember “As long as you are alive and still breathing, it’s never too late for a new beginning in life and God.”