Connections through Life Coaching

Hello, my name is Tim Ketchum, I live in Linn Creek, Missouri with my family. For almost 24 years wife and I have been married and we have 2 children, Sarah and Logan. As I said, we live in the small central Missouri community of Linn Creek which is located near Lake of the Ozarks. It is a wonderful place filled with many great people. Fortunately, the community has a rich history with many great churches.

As great a place as it is, there are still challenges. Our community is a tourist community with a great deal of temporary residents. In some cases, that causes a challenge in relationships. When a large percentage of the congregation is only in town for one weekend a month it is hard to develop deep relationships. The impact of church leadership is vitally important in reaching those who are here for only a season. If we can be present, welcoming and inclusive to those who are only in service occasionally, we can still grow together and form long lasting bonds.

As I have not always been in this community, this is a relatively new experience for me. My family and I moved to Linn Creek in 2015. The son of missionaries, I have lived is a few different places but was blessed to always be surrounded by many strong Christian leaders. For instance, there were men and women who knew God and His love and mercy.

My Salvation Story

I came to know the Lord and had a salvation experience at an early age. Even though I experienced His grace early in my life, that doesn’t mean life was without challenges. For example, there were struggles of becoming a man, balancing life, culture, expressing my beliefs while still protecting who I was and feeling like I belong. Navigating the waters of adolescence, high school, early adulthood and marriage all have decisions that could lead one down the calm waters or to the deadly rapids just ahead.

I thank God every day that He protected my mind and allowed me to make it this far. Looking back on my life it is easy to see where the Lord stepped in to correct my path. In the moment, all I could do was hold on to His mercy and believe He would carry me through.

My Spiritual Dream

My dream or desire is to draw from what God has allowed me to learn and what He is teaching me every day so I can have an impact on others. At the end of the day I want to be able to look back and see something of substance. God used me and I allowed Him to do so. No credit is needed, no fanfare or praise to me. God’s will and plan was moved forward by my willingness. I find that I connect best in one-on-one situations or in small groups. Consequently I would very much enjoy the ability to coach in these intimate settings where real breakthroughs can be made. They empower people to have the best experience they can in life.

Obstacles and Healing

We all have obstacles to overcome and many times we can see God working in them. Sometimes we can’t see how He made a way until we are past the situation. Other times, we see God in the middle of the situation but still struggle. I believe this is okay. God is big and can handle us asking why.

For me, one of my obstacles came when my wife was going through some very serious health issues. I recall driving to work, praying, knowing full well that God was going to see our family through it. It would okay and somehow I knew that. I was feeling the pressure of her dealing with a life threatening situation, but had to be strong and show complete resolve. After all, the church where we attended and where I was in leadership, was watching. Our family of believers and non-believers was watching. Friends were watching.

It felt like as much as she was going through the physical and emotional pain and our family was dealing with the emotional pain, the spiritual pain was real also. As the days and months went by, the only image I could show the world was strength and resolve. Standing on God’s word and promise, we knew He would work all things for good for those who serve Him. We knew that the blood of Jesus was our salvation and our healing.

Like I said, I would drive to work every day and pray for resolution to the problem, healing for my wife, endurance for her and the family. I prayed for sustaining grace as we walk through it.  I knew it would be okay and we would walk out the other side of this tested by the fire but not even smelling of smoke.

It’s Okay to Ask Why

But even with all that, I still had to ask God why? WHY? I don’t understand. Now, living on the other side of the battle, that’s exactly how God was maturing me. He was saying, Tim, ask ME why.  I will tell you and show you. I will open your understanding and you will know more of ME. Sometimes maturity comes from our lack of understanding. It allows us to be open because we don’t have the answer.

In these times, God becomes real in a different way. When we are first saved, God is so real and present. There is an emotional high. As we grow in spiritual confidence and strength, we experience God’s reality in a different way. His will and direction become more authentic. This is where we make plans and put them into action.

In the beginning, we are excited and talk about what we are going to do, how we are going to reach the world. But when we share some life with God, we transition from looking into the future to more of an actual working plan to take over our home, neighborhood and community first. Then we can change the world with His help. We move from “going to” to “actually doing” in our walk with Christ.

Led to Life Coach Ministry

As I said, I had a saving experience at an early age and have been blessed to see God in my life. Even though I have been in church all my life, I still had to come to a point and place where I realized who God is. I had to make a conscious choice to accept Him as my savior. The Bible, the stories, the Christian people and the missionary experiences were there from day one of my life. But there was a specific point of realization that God was real. He was calling me to make a decision for Christ. I thank Him every day for His grace and allowing me to be part of His kingdom.

It is my sincere hope to use what God has given me to reach others. My unique experiences plus His knowledge and wisdom in addition to the education I am receiving from Christian Leaders Institute will all play a part in my outreach to the people God puts near me. Specifically, the Life Coach Ministry is of interest to me as I connect best with small groups and individuals. Those times and places where people feel safe to express their feelings, is where I can help. God calls us one by one and we respond directly to Him in our own hearts and minds. Even in a crowd, we choose Him as He calls to us on an individual level.

I hope that His love and grace is in your life today and you feel all the joy and comfort He has for your life. Until the day my father passed, every time we parted company he would say “Vaya Con Dios” which means “go with God.” I will leave you with that today in hopes that you will take God everywhere you go.

Vaya Con Dios, my friends

Tim Ketchum