I’m Yolanda Summers from South Carolina and I’m enjoying my new journey as a ministry leader. I am blessed with an amazing man of God, royal family and Kingdom colleagues that assists me on this journey to becoming a Christian Leaders Life Coach.

My childhood was blessed with a few burdens. My father went to prison when I was young. He found the Lord in there while I searched Him in society. My mother always provided a way for my older brother and I to go to church. My siblings include 5 sisters and 5 brothers. Our parents are a symbol of God’s grace, mercy and strength.

I came to the Lord as a youth in my home church but my foundation for loving Him immensely grew when I had my oldest son Yo’Quan. It was then I knew that I needed God’s love, protection and favor like never before.

My spiritual dream is to encourage women all over the world through God’s Word to impact families with His love and show girls and boys what forgiveness and restoration looks like.

The obstacles I faced growing into maturity are separating from old friends, isolation from some family and growing outside of me and into God.

What humbled me to realize I needed Christ in my life is giving birth to my son. God became real to me during my early years as a mother, early years as a wife, and as a business owner.

I came to know Jesus as my Savior and Lord through my pastor, church family, and witnessing my mother daily.

I hope to use my Christian Leaders Training locally and globally. The Life Coach Minister program really interests me as a stool of knowledge compound with wisdom.