Christian Life Coaching Encourages Others to Christ

Have you discovered God’s purpose for this phase of your life? I can help you realize it. My name is Comfort Efeti, I am from Cameroon, in the western part of Africa. I am a graduate from a medical college where I have my Diploma in Midwifery Assistant and a Nurse Assistant. I am the fifth child from a family of six, a boy and five girls. My mother is alive by the special grace of God. She is so protective of her children. All of us are doing well.

I am a Christian from a Christian home. Being a Christian leader where I come from is not a problem because most of the people around me are Christians. This will make it easier to lead them to Christ or help them in a right direction as Christians. Growing up as a child I felt the calling of God. This was evident when my parents encouraged me to go to Bible study and read Psalm 23. It was my favorite scripture at that time.

I attend prayer meetings and Sunday Services regularly. I did a lot of activities at my young age and now in my hometown at Baptised Church KIE Village and other ministries in Limbe, Cameroon. Back then at around nine to 12 years of age, I was singing in the church choir and later became a choir leader. At one point I was a preacher in the church and helped in the church administration. I know God has something special for me. I have been searching for it and I found it at Christian Leaders Institute. Hallelujah!

Spiritual Dream Fulfilled

Some of my spiritual dreams were to help people know Christ and to lead them in the right direction. I want to help people walk in Christ and understand the things of God.

Growing up  I didn’t have much problem since, like I said, I come from a Christian background. Sometimes friends will try to lead you to live a life outside of Christianity. They may discourage you from attending church regularly and challenge your prayer life. That is called backsliding. Sometimes the awareness comes when what you are doing is not right, but you keep doing it.

How I got to come back to Christ and what humbled me was one day laying on my bed looking at my life. I saw a lot of struggle, though even in Christ we have to strive for our salvation. We rejoice knowing that our reward is in Heaven. With this, I started attending church and reading my Bible again.

Pursuing Biblical Knowledge

I really have the passion for Christ and to know more of the Bible. I desire to tell others about him. By so doing, I have to get some training that is either bi-vocational, vocational or formal. For me presently, I think formal education will be best for me. I have been inspired by lots of friends and family in the past and present. They believe there is something God has in me that I need to discover. Other teachings of the Bible give me the strength to do more for God. My prayer is that the Lord will give me the grace to walk in his direction and help others do the same. Just as his word says, the steps of a righteous are order by God.

My curiosity to know more about the Bible got me to where I am today. While searching on the internet to find online Bible courses, I came across Christian Leaders Institute. It is a free Christian college that I found by the grace of God. I clicked on it and this is truly what I was looking for. I registered and started of with my studies. Honestly I knew God called me into ministry, but I didn’t know exactly which area. I have the burden in my heart to help and encourage people to know Christ. My studies began with a course on ministry program then a clear picture came to me on what I am to do at CLI. I am undergoing a Life Coaching Ministry program to become a Christian coach. For sure I know this is my area of calling to ministry. Glory be to God forevermore.

Benefits of Training at Christian Leaders

Now that I have the training at Christian Leaders, I am going to use it judiciously. I will now be able to help people in the direction of Christ. My hope is to win souls to Christ through evangelism. There are a lot of Christians who don’t know God’s purpose in their life. As a Christian leader, I will help them find it.

As a Christian leader I will be able to help my family by handling things in the way of the Lord. I will always put Christ first in my relationships.  With this training I will be able to set up a business to help people. With the training at CLI, I will be able to interact boldly with people because God has not given us the spirit of timidity but of boldness. I will communicate with patience and humility.

My hope is to help in church administration and counseling under a pastoral, mentor and teaching umbrella. I will help  identify people’s problems and try to help them solve them. Life Coach Ministers help people identify and solve issues. My life needs to reflect what I am encouraging them to do.

My role as a Life Coaching Minister is very important to me in the sense that life is everything. This course has given me a direction towards God and helped me how to deal with fundamental issues in life. It has direct me to always put God first in all we do.

I started off with ministry training then switched to life coaching because I note what people need now is to identify struggles. When they do, they will be able to handle it better and grow in their own ministry. I will help them come up with a plan, decision, and how to manage it.