Life Coaching and Ministry Goals

My name is Luke Julian and I live in southern Michigan. My wife and I moved here with our young kids several years ago so I could take on the role of youth pastor and worship minister here at Bellevue FBC. The story of my faith is hard to pin down to one day or moment, as I was raised up under the spiritual leadership of my grandfather, who was a missionary to Rhodesia and a church planter here in the States. I have life coaching and ministry goals.

My mother led worship at his church and I believe it was my father who baptized me at eight years old. At 15 I embarked on my first mission trip to Central America, and from that point on I wanted to be a missionary. It seems the Lord had a different plan for me though (Proverbs 16:9), and over the course of my young adult years, life took me on a very different path than I had planned for myself. Financial issues caused trouble for me with college and Bible training.

A Turning Point

A 4-wheeling accident threw some more unexpected trouble my way. A couple years later when I applied to colleges yet again, I ran into more problems. I eventually cried out to God in frustration. I had been trying to make becoming a missionary a reality, thinking it was God’s will for my life. But He showed me otherwise when I finally submitted to His ways, rather than my own.

He opened doors for me to enter ministry as a youth pastor and worship leader at a small Indiana church. Four years later, I found myself in those same roles at a different church in Michigan. I still serve there today. Along this journey, Biblical training was an obstacle with no clear answer. until I encountered Christian Leaders Institute! Now, as a certified Life Coach, my hope is to bring this training into our local community to serve the graduating seniors of our school here in town. My goal is to help them as they enter into adulthood.

We’re praying this ministry we’re building will allow us to have an impact on the lives of students and families. Thank you Christian Leaders Institute for the training you offer. Thank you to those who support this ministry! Your generosity is having a real impact where it matters most: in real lives and communities!