My Calling to Be a Life Coach

Hello, my name is Chunyang (Sunkis) Lin. I am 40+ years old. I was born in China and migrated to Sydney Australia in 2007. In China, I had never heard of Jesus, but I believe there’s a God who cares about me. Before the exam in high school, I prayed to God to help me. He always did except the last exam, which I failed to enter a medical school in China. I was confused for 10 years. I became a Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Australia. This helped me understand His good will for me. This is my story of my calling to be a life coach.

I came to know the Lord after I finished listening to the teaching of David Pawson on the Gospel of Mark. I was baptized at Campsie Chinese Congregational Church in 2008. But at that time I was busy dealing with daily life and didn’t spend time in God’s Word. The power of the Gospel and the Grace of the Lord not only saved my marriage, but also strengthened the relationships in my family. I have been married to my wife Serena for over 15 years. We have two lovely daughters, Sisy & Enya.

Education at Christian Leaders

In 2020 I enrolled in Christian Leaders Institute, wanting to have a Theology Certificate so that I can preach the Gospel in the future. This type of education is helpful to me because I can balance my work and study. It’s free so that I don’t have the financial burden while I study.

I am working as Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Massage Therapist in my own clinic. After about five years in practice, I noticed some people don’t want to take responsibility for their health. They just want a quick fix. They mask their problems with by drugs and unnecessary surgery. That is until a bigger problem shows up.

After I took the course of Life Coaching Ministry in CLI, I learned a lot from Professor Steve Elzinga. I can apply this knowledge helping my patients with their physical and mental problems. Furthermore, I can use it to help others solve relationship problems or achieve their spiritual goals. With spiritual gifts God gave me and the help of the Holy Spirit, I believe I can do that.

I want to be an instrument God uses. I want to help others know more about Him and bring glory to Him.