New Meaning as a Life Coach

My name is Melinda and I currently live in Arizona. What I like about Christian Leaders Institute is that I can finally complete classes that I have been called to complete since I was in high school. I like since the classes are free and online, I can do them at my own pace. Also, they are certified so one can practice after graduating.

My childhood was hard and dysfunctional. It was filled with lack, abuse, and drama. I have always known I have a spiritual gift and my journey has never been easy or good. I have dealt with and overcome many obstacles. I know that there are more to come. I have always known the Lord. As long as I can remember God has been the one constant in my life.

Following God’s Dream for Me

My spiritual dream is to do what God has told me to complete in my life. At this time I cannot share because it’s super big and all the parts are not in order yet. This is the latest part of my journey. It is the most humbling time for me with the current relationship I am in. As well, I have been homeless, unemployed and accused of things I did not do.

When all your family, friends and associates drop you and don’t help you, even when they have the means to then you can only count on God. God became real to me when I died and went to Heaven and spoke to him. God has always been real in my life. That was the moment that I knew that I knew he was real. I have always known Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior since I was a small child.

A Future and a Hope

I hope and plan to use my Christian Leaders Institute training to spread the love of Jesus. I want to help heal the world, which is part of my calling. I will use my training in this manner because God blessed me with this opportunity. Why would I not? It would be slapping God in the face if I didn’t use the opportunity.

The programs really interested me because they are free. When I started my program I was homeless and unemployed. I needed to do this because God told me to further my life and get it back on track. Now that I have completed the first portion of my assignment from God, I can help the people he is putting in my path. As I serve him, God is blessing me.