Are you called to be a Certified Life Coach Minister? A Certified Life Coach Minister leverages ministry and life coach training from Christian Leaders Institute that equips a Christian Leader to coach someone from a biblical perspective. A Certifed Life Coach Minister is both certified and ordained ministry role with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

A Life Coach Minister is a Christian Leader who is called to:

  • support people in their next steps. These steps could include a calling, a dream, a goal, a spiritual awakening and more.
  • to bring a biblically Christian perspective and philosophy to decision making.
  • to bring tools or expertise to the one receiving coaching.
  • to serve as an ordained minister to the individual or group he or she is serving.

How can we help you become a Life Coach Minister?


A Certified life Coach Minister needs training. Many Life Coaching programs offer training in a life coaching process. Christian Leaders Institute covers that base with free high-quality life coach training.

We can help you gain extensive knowledge in your Life Coaching interest area. You will have access to over 200  credits of biblical, theological, ministry, leadership, enterprise and life coaching classes.

These educational tools are beamed to your smartphone, tablet or computer. The classes are free and brought to each student in a generosity-driven model of Christian higher education. You can start a free getting started scholar class that gives you immediate access to the credentials you need to be a Life Coach Minister.

There are many programs that will be offered throughout 2019. Check out some of the proposed programs, click here. 


A Certified Life Coach Minister needs credibility. Christian Leaders Alliance has created a two-step credibility process for our certified life coach ministers.

  1. Life Coach Certification Practicum Class (Cost: $1,000) – While traditional practicum programs cost as much as $5,000-10,000, the Christian Leaders Alliance uses the Christian Leaders Institute technology that makes the practicum process highly efficient to include more Christian Leaders.
  2. Ordination ($125)  – Most certified life coach programs are not tailormade for ministry. The Christian Leaders Alliance program has been developed by life coach ministers for new life coach ministers. The ordination process includes some ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute and the completion of the Deacon Minister class.

Throughout history, Christianity has counted on ordination as an indicator that the “minister” has the respect of other Christian Leaders in their community. The certified and ordained life coach minister has been prayed over by other Christian Leaders and is commissioned to the important work of Life Coach Minister.


Becoming a certified and ordained life coach minister with Christian Leaders Alliance connects you to an educational delivery system the will enhance your skill level as you may be called upon to teach skills as needed.


You will be registered as a Life Coach in the Christian Leaders Alliance directory as well as on this website.

How do you begin your training as a Life Coach Minister? Just enroll at Christian Leaders Institute now.


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